Mission And Vision
GIG, have a full commitment to satisfy our customers through providing qualitative Products and Services meeting their needs at an effective cost.

We have set quality assurance and control procedures compatible with those of national and international standards. These procedures are strictly applied by our staff, suppliers and subcontractors to insure the overall integrity of performance, and to guarantee our clients full satisfaction. Commitment to Total Quality has always been synonymous with GIG. This being the foundation on which GIG has built its reputation and made it one of the leading names in contracting. The company is in the process to be certified to ISO 9001:2000.

GIG   is committed to provide our customers with excellence and total satisfaction.

GIG implements its quality policy at all levels of the organization – from staff members to the CEO. Our staff is dedicated to the successful completion of all projects on time and on budget. Rigorous staff training and mandatory adherence to procedures permit us to maintain consistent high quality standards in all aspects of our operations.

GIG’s quality policy is based on the following principles:
   1.     The quality policy is implemented at all levels of the organization.
   2.     Taking immediate action to correct and eliminate any potential errors or deviation 
so they do not get repeated.
   3.     Rigorous ongoing staff training, continual quality improvement and adoption of 
new programs.
   4.     Periodic internal audits and reviews of staff and quality programs to ensure the 
           highest quality standards are maintained.

GIG implements and maintains “Quality Management System” in compliance with ISO EN BS 9001:2000. Our staff members are trained and committed to adhere to our quality policies and Procedures