Leading the way in power generation

Jengan is a new industrial company specialized in design and manufacturing of generator sets. Jengan aims to be a major player in the Middle East power generation market. At present the product range covers 10 to 500 kVA suitable for prime and stand by application. Also, Jengan provides tailored products “built as per specification” to complex power requirements.

The Background

The Jengan family started its business in Dubai back in the early 1950s by trading in diesel engines and parts. Over the years trading in agricultural and construction related products developed in range and in volume. The business was further enlarged by opening branches in nearby geographical areas and starting new business in designing and manufacturing of water and waste water pumping systems.
Generator sets has been a major product that was dealt in by the JENGAN EST. and sister companies for years, either by trading, renting out or repairing and servicing. It was decided to venture into manufacturing of generator set in April 2008 under the name of Jengan Industrial Est. (Fujairah).


  •  1953 - Founding the business by Ibrahim Jengan in Al Ras area in Dubai.
  •  1972 - Importing first lot of diesel engines and parts
  •  1976 - Importing first lot of diesel and gasoline generator sets
  •  1993 - The demise of the founder Ibrahim Jengan in Germany in October 1993 and Abdulla Jengan joins the business as Managing Director
  •  1994 - Inauguration of Jengan’s after sales service center in Al Khabaisee, Dubai. The center contained part inventory for various machines and equipment and as well service workshop.
  •  1997 - Start of operation in Sohar, Oman
  •  2002 - Start of production Al Goze, Dubai and opening of Abu Dhabi sister company
  •  2004 - Shifting the new premises of JENGAN EST. (Head Office) in Dubai and opening a branch company in Al Ain
  •  2006 - Inauguration of branches and sister companies in Iran and Oman, and start of the Generator Renal business in Dubai
  •  2009 - Start of Fujairah UAE - Production Facility and launching of Al Ateed range of diesel generators

Products & Services

 Diesel Engine Powered Generator Sets (Al Ateed Outstanding Durability & Smooth Operation)
Build with carefully selected components to ensure durable and long life operation. Ranging over a span of fourteen models from 70 to 500 kVA and configurable various applications. Al Ateed delivers reliable power to a wide spectrum from medium- to high load residential to business to heavy industry; every unit is engineered to perfection and excellent performance.

 Customer Solutions
No matter how our customer’s requirements are specific or challenging, our team of experienced engineers would study your needs and propose a complete solution that best fits you. We have the flexibility to tailor make our products as customer’s desire. In Jengan that tailoring made process means working closely with our clients at all stages as follows:

- Initial Study: understand the complete project, discuss client’s options and present most feasible solution and approximate cost and time estimations.

- Order Placement: Confirm specifications; prepare general technical drawings, choice of components and order processing with vendors.

- Production: finalize workshop drawings and calculations, build the generator set and put together technical documentation.

- Installation: Prepare the site installation, conduct civil works and install relevant component and accessories.

- Commissioning & Training: starting of the generator set, making configuration and settings, training customers’ representatives on operational and maintenance tasks.

- Preventive Maintenance: monitoring the generator set and providing technical support for as long as required.

- Our Products could be customized for different market segments such as oil & gas, armed forces and telecommunication.
 Weather / Sound Attenuated Canopy:
Our weather and sound canopy “enclosure” ensures highest protection for your generators set and as well meets the international standards (ISO) on noise levels. The canopy is a rigid shield and has robust construction and at the same time it provides easy access to conduct maintenance tasks

 Trailer Mounts:
Jengan offers independently made, durable, rugged and cost-effective trailer mounts for its generators. These heavy duty trailer mounts are build-to-last and are suitable for different segments

We equip our generators with simple and user-friendly control panels to ensure safe and efficient operation. We even could customize the controls with the specification that customers may require such as AMF and ATS panels.

For multi-units systems we user a comprehensive automatic synchronizing system with wide range of facilities including load demand, load shedding and load priority features.
Thanks to the intelligent programmable Logic Control Circuits which enabled us to provide our customers with the most efficient Power Management Integrated Solutions through MS-Windows software, RAINBOW Program and MODBUS protocol for local and (BMS) Building Management Systems and (LAN) local Area Network for local management.

 Wireless Monitoring and Control
We could use Wireless GSM, P5TN modem support, GMS, SMS, WAN (Wide area Network) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) for remote data transferring. Such optional facilities are available for prestigious project either those use an individual set or multi-units system.
After Sales Support

Through our Distributor’s network we ensure that customers receive all the parts and accessories needed to maintain or repair their JENGAN generator sets. Our distributors are supported by our dedicated parts distribution centers as well as our Generator set component manufactures’ parts centers .Around the clock parts could be dispatched to any place in the world from our Dubai parts center or our factory’s parts inventory in Fujairah. Only genuine parts of major components manufacturers are used (engine and alternator). Other parts are carefully selected from reputed local and international suppliers who have successfully become our authorized suppliers and who undergo regular quality and system conformity checks.

 Technical Support
A dedicated constantly prepared to answer any questions or doubts that may arise and to provide information and assistance at various stages of installation, commissioning and operational maintenance.Our Distributors are equipped with GENGATE@ web based software providing complete technical data about each generator set manufactured by us. Additionally Distributors are supplied parts and service manuals and regular technical updates.
Please contact our Distributor for any technical assistance on JENGAN Generators.

We conduct standard or tailored training programs on generator sets selection, operation, controls modules, maintenance and repair …etc. These programs are dedicated for our Distributors and customers and could cover specific application. Our modern fully equipped training facility is located at our manufacturing plant in Fujairah.

Mission Statement

“We aim to design and build generator sets of high quality and distinguished by advanced technology to serve the World”.

Social Responsibility

Jengan supports social welfare projects at different parts of the Middle East; it works closely with authorized charity organization in the U.A.E. who are active locally as well regionally.
We are committed to all environmentally friendly initiatives. In this regard, we will seek to strengthen existing relationships with environmental organizations. Jengan is always committed to ensure that its production and assembly process complies with highest international environmental friendly practices in the industry.

Our Partners

Jengan is represented by professional and committed distributors in the Middle East. As one team we and our distributors are there to understand your requirement and provide you with the best solutions in your power generation needs. To ensure continuity in after sales service Jengan works in all countries only through distribution partners. As we aim to create a trusted brand name and first class reputation in our field we carefully select and work with our distributors to iron out quickly any obstacles in the way of customer’s satisfaction.